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So…What is it?

The AQUA PARK is a series of inflatable slides, runways, jumping pillows and bouncers all connected together and floating in a large, clean and refreshing pool. It features swings, ramps, jumps, ladders, a trampoline, a slide, wiggle bridges, and so much more. There is a great variety of different shapes, sizes and functions, making the activity exciting and entertaining for everyone. Bring your energy!

What You Must Know

  • You must be at least 48″ tall to use the AQUA PARK.

  • A daypass is valid for all day long.  Check our operations hours.

  • With full-time lifeguards, it’s fun and safe for the entire family.

  • Everyone must wear a life jacket, not provided on site.

  • Please …. at least 30 minutes to purchase your ticket if you didn't bought it online, make sure to read and sign the online waiver prior to your arrival to save time at the counter.

  • ** Prices are subject to change. 


Visiting the Park with a Large Group? Make a Reservation!

  • It is highly recommended that everyone book their session online in advance but it is especially important for groups of 15 or more. Not only do you lock in your session but you also get $5 off for each guest.  We ask that groups of 30+ email us at to plan your day. 


If You Aren’t Participating, Where Can You Watch?

  • During an AQUA PARK session, parents and friends have access to the shoreline right next to the AQUA PARK to watch. 

  • The Swimming Beach, located across the lake from the Aqua Park, also has a great view of the activity. The cost is $5 per person, per day. Children under 48″ and anyone with a wristband from another Wake Island activity are free!

  • Please note that the wakeboarding beach and the observation patio are free access areas at all times.        


  • Thanks for filling out your waiver in advance!

  • Please sign your electronic waiver before coming to the park for the first time this season if you plan to any of our activities. Doing this will speed up your check-in process significantly and is something that must be done by parents if they do not plan on visiting the park with their children who are under 19 years old!

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