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F.A.Q. - Waterpark

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I am not going in the water, do I still have to pay the admission charge ?

The waterpark is a general admission based park and pricing is based on all visitors paying the charge. This is traditional for this type of park as many of the activities within the park cannot restrict access to paying customers only. Please note that children under 36" tall do not pay the admission charge. If we were to move to a pay per ride basis, we would have to increase prices and increase staffing to restrict access to various attractions. We wish to avoid this and have selected the general admission approach to ensure the most enjoyable visitor experience for all of our guests.

Are lockers available ?

Yes, there are two locker options available in SplashZone. Day use lockers may be used multiple times throughout the day while coin-operated pay per use lockers require payment each time you wish to re-lock the locker. Please note: Magic Mountain Ltd. is not responsible for the theft or loss of personal belongings even if they are in a locker. We recommend leaving all excess cash and valuables at home. Pay Per Use Lockers - $2 per use. Day Use Lockers - $12 Fee, $5 is refunded upon return of the key.

can I bring my pet into the park ?

In order to protect our water quality and to ensure the comfort of all of our guests, pets are not permitted within the waterpark. We do have a limited number of unsupervised, shaded kennels available on a first come, first serve basis. A refundable deposit is required for a lock, key and water dish. Fresh water is available at the kennel site. All animals are the owner’s responsibility at all times and must be leashed while being brought to and from the kennel. For very small animals, it is recommended that you keep them in their crate or carrier inside the kennel. Dogs are permitted in the common areas provided they are leashed and well controlled. Owners bear all responsibility for any injury to their dog or any damage/injury caused by their dog and dogs must not be left unsupervised at any time. Management reserves the right to ask patrons to remove their pet at any time. Service Dogs are welcome in all buildings and all areas of the park except in water attractions and on rides for safety reasons.

what is your early closure policy ?

The waterpark is typically open rain or shine; however, if extreme weather (i.e. lightning, high winds, extreme cold or tropical storm conditions) or any other issue (i.e. power outage, mechanical failure, or water quality problem) forces the entire park to suspend operation for more than 60 minutes, rain checks for the remainder of the day are issued and valid at any time throughout the remainder of the season. Rain checks must be requested prior to leaving the park and prior to operations resuming if the conditions permit.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds. 

are swim diapers required ?

Yes, swim diapers are required for all children in diapers. You are welcome to bring your own or purchase them on site. We sell swim diapers at our cost at all ticket booths and both gift shops. Please note: for public health reasons, we ask that you do not change your children on the pool deck. Diaper changing tables are available in all bathrooms and we also have family changing rooms located at the front entrance and the side of the first aid building. Please ensure that you make it a habit to take all children to the washroom before entering the pools and slides, even if they do not feel they need to go.

Can you bring a picnic ?

Certainly! There are plenty of picnic tables and dining areas at Magic Mountain. However, glass containers, alcohol, and/or drugs are not permitted anywhere in the facility. If you want to bring a cooler into the park, please have it ready for staff to inspect at the entrance.

can i leave once I am in the park ?

Yes! When you pay admission, you receive a bracelet for the day. You can come and go as you please for the day as long as you do not remove your bracelet.

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